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Humans are not so different from animals

In fact, humans are animals. A lot of what we do and propagate in our culture might try to make us feel above or beyond animals, which is not true.
The latest theory on humans’ origin is that our ancestors lived in water (the aquatic theory; for more, please see the TED of „Elaine Morgan: I believe we evolved from aquatic apes”). Being upright on our feet for such a long time to move about the land, and also being able to swim like fish, humans are such an incredible animal amongst other species of the planet.
This flash card series wishes to explore how we humans can learn emotions from an early age, by looking at the expressions of feelings, postures, and by reading the intent from the energetic body reflected in the pose of animals.
We have lived long enough in our history having our constant friends with us: the dog, the cat and the horse, long enough to be able to say that we understand, care and have feelings for them.
Now we want to develop emotional competence and facilitate kids how to recognize these emotions that animals have too, in the wild, or near our homes. When we first welcome our little babies born in our world, we put around them posters with animals, and books and little fury dolls to remind them we are not alone.
We also, certainly, aren’t alone in thinking and feeling!

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